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Mercer Names Vancouver as One of the World’s Best Cities

buildings beside lake in Vancouver

Residents can all agree that life is great in Vancouver. To validate this belief, Mercer recently named Vancouver as the third best city in the world in their 2019 Quality of Living survey. Vancouver tied with Munich, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand. This result comes as no surprise− Vancouver has been featured in Mercer’s list for 10 consecutive years.

How does Vancouver fare to other Canadian and international cities? Well, it is the only Canadian and North American city to make it to Mercer’s top 10. Vienna continues to occupy the top spot, with Zurich closely behind. It’s only a matter of time before Vancouver places first, making it the best city in the world.

How to become one of the best cities in the world

For their 2019 Quality of Living report, Mercer took a look at the following factors and how 231 cities across the globe compared with each other. These factors include recreation, economic environment, school and education, housing, public services and transport, consumer goods availability, medical and health considerations, political and social environment, socio-cultural environment, and natural environment.

Basically, in order to rank as one of the best cities in the world, a city but be globally aware, with excellent communication and transport infrastructures to support its population, and plenty of amenities to continue attracting people to live and work there.

Vancouver hits all the right spots, especially when it comes to safety. It ranked first in this regard, along with its fellow Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary. These same five cities were also recognized by Mercer in their report as the top 5 most desirable cities for international employees in the North America region.

Surrounded by water and mountains

Another one of Vancouver’s strong suits is the natural environment in and around the city. High-rise buildings stand tall in the city center, while mountains tower from the distance. 

Opportunities for outdoor recreation are plenty. You can head to the docks and go sailing, fishing, or bird-watching (an activity you can also enjoy up in the mountains). Come winter, Vancouver transforms into a winter wonderland with more outdoor activities added, such as snow-shoeing, snowboarding, skiing, and more.

Public spaces and parks are also plenty. With over 1,000 acres, Stanley Park is the largest urban green space in the world. It is a mecca for tourists and locals alike, home to the most-visited aquarium in Canada, formal gardens, and more. 

A little bit of everything

Eat, work, play, explore− you can do this and more in Vancouver. 

Vancouver’s vibrant dining scene features everything from fresh and locally sourced seafood to innovative dishes from some of Canada’s best culinary creatives. Coupled with excellent wines from its local vineyards, the local orchards and farms provide a truly fresh farm-to-table menu.

Work is considered play if you are doing something you love in Vancouver. The city has a thriving tech community and film industry, which makes it a choice destination for TV and film production. It also rivals New York City in post-production work. This makes Vancouver especially attractive for professionals looking to work in the entertainment and media industry.

Love where you live

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