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The Best Canadian Cities for Growing a Business

Canada is one of the best places to start a business.

Are you planning on expanding your business in Canada? Good choice. Canada is one of the best places to start a business thanks to the outstanding quality of life the skilled workforce enjoys. To help you get started, here are the top 5 cities in Canada for growing a business. 

  1. Vancouver

    The third best city in the world is also one of the perfect places in Canada to start and grow a business.

    According to KPMG’s 2016 Competitive Alternatives Report, keeping a business in Vancouver is relatively affordable. In fact, the city was recognized as having the fifth-lowest cost of doing business in the world.

    Meanwhile, the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report ranked Vancouver 15th in the world if you want to start a tech startup. It’s because Vancouver is home to a great number of visual effects and animation studios and its place as one of the world’s global financial centers.

    Vancouver is home to world-famous startups like Hootsuite and Slack. Its close proximity to Seattle keeps a steady cross current of innovation between the two locations. Microsoft and Google have opened offices in the city, too, as these global innovators expand their operations.

  2. Edmonton

    You can also start your business in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta province. Edmonton has a thriving digital media community. The city also leads Canada in the fields of biotechnology, oil, and gas.

    If you would like to tap into a highly skilled and trained workforce, Edmonton is a place to consider. Thanks to the concentration of excellent post-secondary schools in the city, the job market is teeming with smart and creative young talent. It’s one of the reasons why incubators like Startup Edmonton and TEC Edmonton are doing a great job in supporting new and up-and-coming businesses in the city.

  3. Calgary

    Edmonton isn’t only the business hub in the province of Alberta. Located approximately three hours south of the provincial capital is Calgary, an incredibly modern metropolis.

    Calgary as a city is another great launchpad for startups, with incubators such as Innovate Calgary and Startup Calgary busy supporting the growth of new, local companies. The city is also a leader in Canada’s energy sector.

    As the fourth largest city in Canada, Calgary can provide a large, educated workforce for both startups and the established business community. And since Edmonton and Calgary and located relatively close to each other, expanding in these two cities can give your business a major boost.

  4. Toronto

    With a population of over 2.8 million, Toronto has an incredibly diverse population. Drawn from over 231 countries worldwide, Toronto’s workforce offers the creativity that comes with the meeting of new perspectives. And as Canada’s largest city, Toronto serves as the center of the country’s technical, financial, commercial industrial sectors.

    There are about 4,000 active startups in Toronto, which is also the home of the world’s largest innovation hub. Thanks to the multicultural background and the wildly successful startup industry, Toronto is also the friendliest to minority entrepreneurs, especially women.

  5. Montreal

    Montreal has been distinguished as one of the top startup ecosystems in the world by Startup Compass. Montreal NewTech and Notman House, both incubators, as well as events like Startupfest have helped the city earn this accolade. People are also drawn to work in Montreal, as the city has a relatively affordable real estate market.

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